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Farmasi C S Mid Year Sales
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Nuvafemme® is a premium soy isoflavone product which is different:

  • Organic source: Eighty per cent (80%) of soy products in the market are genetically-modified (GMO). This means that it is grown using foreign DNA and has been pesticide-treated. You don’t need additional chemicals in your hormonal care. Choose organic for peace of mind.
  • Double standardisation: Most soy extracts are standardised to about 40% of soy isoflavones but this isn’t enough. Nuvafemme® goes the extra mile by DOUBLY standardising its genistein and diadzein content (20mg respectively) as these are the main isoflavones that work for optimal hormonal benefits.
  • Active form: Most soy isoflavones needs to be converted to the active aglycone form in the body before it can work. Nuvafemme® is readily presented in the active aglycone form of isoflavones that is immediately bioavailable.
  • Safe & Selective: The soy isoflavones in nuvafemme® display selectivity towards estrogen receptor beta located in the brain, bones and heart. As such, it delivers benefits to these areas – better temperature balance, stronger bones, better cardiovascular health. This selectivity is supported by safety studies which shows that breast and uterine tissues (estrogen receptor alpha) are not adversely affected even after years of taking these soy isoflavones.